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At Home in Maine Film Screening at U Maine Next Wednesday, March 16th!!   Leave a comment

Hey Friends and Subscribers, please share this event with your friends/fans! Looking to drum up some major interest for this film screening–and Women’s Reproductive Choices/Choices in Childbirth. ¬†With the current political onslaught, support for Women’s Choices about their bodies is needed more than ever!!!

At Home in Maine Films at U Maine’s Women’s History Month Celebration.






At Home in Maine at “Women Count!” this Saturday, November 6th in Bangor   Leave a comment

Nicolle Littrell will be presenting “Birth Counts” at the Maine Women’s Studies Consortium Conference this Saturday, November 6th at 2:15pm at Bangor College in Bangor, Maine. The presentation will include a tour of the At Home in Maine website and screening several short film pieces from the project.

for more info and directions.

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Homebirth Article in Time Magazine   Leave a comment

It seems like homebirth is being covered more and more by the mainstream media outlets. This summer there was CNN, now it’s TIME.

Check it out at:,9171,1830388,00.html

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Hello world!   1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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